Thai Nguyen Launched Plans of Economical and Efficient Use of Energy in 2015-2020

Updated 11:42' 10/16/2015
Thai Nguyen Non-ferrous metal Joint Stock Company actively adopts power-saving solutions
In order to transform awareness into concrete actions on economical and efficient use of energy, plan of economical and efficient use of energy in 2015-2020 has been enforced in Thai Nguyen.
The plans shoot at following specific targets. In 2015-2020, Thai Nguyen strives to save 5-8% of total energy consumption of the whole province and 100% businesses and buildings with considerable use of energy corporate energy management by 2020. For public lighting, old-generation lighting systems will be gradually replaced by power-saving lighting systems with high efficiency; automatic control systems having a function of efficiency adjustment will be applied to decrease illumination capacity when traffic density falls, achieving 70% of capacity by 2020. Particularly, in the field of public lighting, People’s Committee of Thai Nguyen Province requires new investment projects to use electricity-saving lights with high efficiency, etc.

For the purpose of achieving aforementioned targets, People’s Committee of Thai Nguyen Province has built and provided decisions and guidelines on the implementation of economical and efficient use of energy, developed mechanisms and policies on encouragement of application of new technology and production of energy-saving products, and enhanced the role of state management in economical and efficient use of energy in the areas of the province.

In the plans, Provincial People’s Committee requires concerned divisions and departments, and other units in the province to boost propagandizing and raising the awareness of economical and efficient use of energy in companies and households. Propaganda units are required to develop broadcast and television programmes in the forms of reportage, information, advertisement, leaflets, guide books, etc.; and draw up plans of training and workshops on energy saving, application of energy-saving equipment, power-saving lights and solar-powered hot water tanks, and application of new energy, renewable energy; prepare plans of programme of development and use of biogas  tunnels, micro hydroelectric systems, solar panels for the locality and businesses in the province.

Public lighting units and enterprises are advised to draw up plans of investment and replacement of current lights in urban areas and industrial zones by power-saving lights such as compact lamps, two-efficiency level lamps, LED lamps, automatic control system with a function of efficiency adjustment, etc.; build pilot models of projects, schemes of new technology and renewable energy for public lighting systems (use of two-efficiency level lamps, LED lamps, automatic management system with function of efficiency adjustment, solar panels, etc.)

With the current rate of urbanization and industrialization of Thai Nguyen Province, the energy-saving utilization is extremely essential. With specific plans and targets, Thai Nguyen will gradually implement programmes of actions practically and effectively.