Thai Nguyen implements cleaner production effectively

Updated 16:10' 9/3/2013
Cleaner production solutions help businesses in Thai Nguyen achieve both economic and environmental efficiency
Luu Xa Cement Factory in Thai Nguyen Province has saved nearly VND2 billion per year by reducing electricity costs and fuel consumption through applied solutions such as replacement of capacitors in workshop cabinets, installation of inverters in the conveyors and compact fluorescent lights; replacement of open-cycled jaw and hammer crusher systems with closed-cycled systems with a total investment of more than VND6 billion.
The Luu Xa Cement Factory is one of the typical examples of cleaner production (CP) in the province of Thai Nguyen, based on its CP solutions, helping the province become one of the best CP appreciated provinces across the country.

As one of the provinces attracting key industrial producers in the country, Thai Nguyen must face many environmental problems along with economic benefits. According to Thai Nguyen Province’s Department of Industry and Trade, the province has implemented CP strategy in the industry since 2006; with many CP projects deployed bringing a lot of benefits to the province.

For example, the Thai Nguyen Paper Mill for Export JSC, before the CP options, encountered environmental problems in wastewater from the stage of soaking bamboo in cold lye, paper production and cleaning of equipment, plants and drying yards. The company’s wastewater was black or dark yellow mixed with fibers, pulp, grease, and inorganic contaminants, and smelt unpleasant. Because of these problems, the company had once fallen into Thai Nguyen’s “black list” of environmental polluters. The company has therefore decided to apply CP solutions including building tanks for pulp recovery and recirculation of waste water and water flotation system with a total investment of more than VND2.5 billion. Since then, the company has annually reduced 125 tonnes of CO2 emissions and 114,400cu.m of wastewater, while saving more than VND1.5 billion per year by reducing costs of inputs and environmental clean up.

Similarly, before the implementation of CP solutions, the Thai Nguyen Metallurgical Electro-Mechanical JSC also encountered many environmental problems due to the use of open-cycled cement additive mills and outdated wet sheet milling lines that were labor intensive and issued much dust and waste into the environment. The company decided to apply CP solutions including 18 workshop CP management solutions, three process control solutions, and one water recirculation solution. With a total investment of 110 million for these solutions, the company has annually saved VND114 million via reducing water consumption from 12,000cu.m per month to 7,500cu.m per month and also average power consumption per day by 186 kWh. The amount of dust is reduced and the working environment is significantly improved.

According to Director of Thai Nguyen Province’s Department of Industry and Trade Dinh Khac Hien, to concretize CP strategy in the industry, Thai Nguyen has conducted many steps including completing CP documents and increasing annual funding for local CP activities. In addition, the province has also strengthened technical advisory activities, taking advantage of the national CP programs to help local companies implement CP more effectively. CP activities were also included in the environmental planning, inspection and testing, education programs and agenda of local associations. Successful CP models are promoted on the media and qualified CP staff members are praised. Generally, CP solutions have helped many enterprises in Thai Nguyen achieve greater efficiency in terms of the environment protection and the economic benefits, gradually improving Thai Nguyen’s industrial development./.