Government cracks down on small steel mills

Minister of Industry and Trade Vu Huy Hoang has said that new steel projects using out-of-date technology would not be licensed.

Paying the bill for clean industry

Lack of awareness and financial support for technology enabling Cleaner Production  in Industry (CPI) had handicapped its introduction in Viet Nam, said Nguyen Khac Kinh, deputy president of the Viet Nam Association for Environment Impact Assessment.

Cementing the Benefits of Cleaner Production

The biggest problem challenging cement producers is the large amount of dust emitted during material and finished product processing, which does serious harm to workers' health and the environment. To solve these problems, Phu Tho Cement JSC., has successfully applied CP methods, becoming a leading company which takes CP advantages in cement industry

Cleaner Production Gets Best of Businesses

"Cleaner Production in Industry (CPI) not only protects the working environment but also significantly contributes to raising our revenue," said Nguyen Thi Lam Dong, the director of the Lam Dong Private Company when evaluating her company's achievements when taking part in the Component of Cleaner Production in Industry.

Huu Nghi Production-Trading Joint Stock Company: Cleaner Production Brings Exceptional Results

Through applying uncostly cleaner production solutions, the Huu Nghi Production-Trading Joint Stock Company can save a round sum equal to 40 percent of its factory profit in a year, said director and chairman of the Board at the Huu Nghi Production-Trading Joint Stock Company, Vu Hong Son, in a recent talk with Vietnam Economic News' Lan Phuong & Minh Ky.

Cleaner Production Benefits Ngoc Lap Tea

Cleaner production not only helps energy efficiency and conservation, waste emission reduction and water consumption decrease but also makes it easier for producers to develop production and improve product quality and prestige, said Luu Hong Nga, the director of the Ngoc Lap Tea Factory in Yen Lap district in Phu Tho province.

Shoe Company Innovates

"Participation in Cleaner Production in Industry (CPI) has helped us accomplish major economic and environmental achievements and assure occupational safety," Vinh Phu Shoe Company Director Bui Manh Hung told the Vietnam Economic News

Enterprise Outperforms in Cleaner Production

As one of the first businesses in Quang Nam province embracing the cleaner production approach, the Au Co Rattan, Bamboo & Palm Leave for Export Enterprise has posted positive results in business and environmental protection.

Clean production technology sought

The industrial sector in the central province of Binh Thuan plans to increase application of cleaner production technologies to ensure efficient use of natural resources and reduce environmental pollution.

Builders urged to eschew bricks

HCM CITY — Vietnamese businesses should boost production and use of non-baked construction materials as they are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, a senior official said Saturday