Firms Benefit from Cleaner Production

Exhaust fumes and waste water from the pulp and paper sector have caused environmental pollution. Thanks to applying cleaner production measures, the Vietnam Paper Corporation (VINAPACO) is no longer listed as polluting business and its competitiveness has been raised remarkably.

Cleaner Production in Industry Nationwide

Four years ago, most Vietnamese businesses didn't understand what was cleaner production. However, until now, cleaner production has been disseminated throughout the country.

Weaving Sustainable Rattan Development

Bamboo and rattan businesses have made a large step in production development towards sustainability through the pioneering of technological innovation and the effective application of cleaner production measures.

CPI Implementation in Hau Giang

Hau Giang has 3,850 businesses with 64,000 employees in Industrial Zones and Parks, which account over 13% of the province's total employees. To enhance the awareness of businesses on reducing material and fuel consumption for environmental protection and to respond to the CPI, Hau Giang DOIT has actively conducted CP activities targeting businesses in the province.

Cleaning up the Beverage Sector

Many businesses in the beverage sector have applied cleaner production measures in production to make much better use of materials and reduce product costs.

CPI Awareness-Raising Produces Good Results

After 2010, cleaner production activities will be expanded throughout provinces in the country. Before sanctions are introduced, the promotion of cleaner production is an important activity to raise business awareness and encourage them to voluntarily join in the program. Can Tho is among the provinces that have effectively implemented the communication program.

Disseminating CPI throughout Provinces

To pass on the outstanding achievements of the Component for Cleaner Production in Industry (CPI), the cleaner production strategy until 2020 has been developed and will be implemented by the end of 2011. Bao Ngoc of the Vietnam Economic News talked with Nguyen Huy Hoan, deputy director of the Department of Science and Technology under the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) and the office manager of the CPI Steering Committee's Support Office.

Clean technology development: Emphasizing Viet Nam - Finland cooperation

Finland is one of the leading countries in the world in the field of clean technologies, especially industrial sewage treating technology and renewable energy development technology.

Soda-lime Glass - A Solution for Cleaner Production

In the companies that produce glass products, glass blowing is among the stages which consume a large amount of materials. With the installation of the furnace that produces soda-lime glass instead of traditional ones and some simple methods, the Rang Dong Light Source and Vacuum Flask Joint Stock Company have achieved many successes in cleaner production, energy conservation and the environment protection.

Cleaner Production Aids Thai Nguyen Paper

With the assistance of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Vietnam Cleaner Production Center, the Thai Nguyen Paper Mill for Export Joint Stock Company has become one of the typical companies of Thai Nguyen Province in taking part in the Component of Cleaner Production in Industry (the Component for Cleaner Production in Industry is a part of the Program of Development Cooperation in the Environment between the governments of Vietnam and Denmark for 2005-2010). Thanks to cleaner production methods, Thai Nguyen Paper has achieved many significant successes.